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    Brewing Success: The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Franchise Opportunity

    February 20, 2024

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      “Helping Humanity One Roast at a Time” isn’t just the slogan for Mammoth Coffee Roasting, it’s what defines the company culture and customer experience. Mammoth Coffee Roasting is a growing café franchise with a strong commitment to quality, community, and sustainability that serves excellent coffee and delicious baked goods. If you are looking for an opportunity to have fun making coffee, embark on a journey of giving, and discover the rewarding power of philanthropy and bringing joy to others, then read on!

      The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Story

      Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. was founded in Mammoth Lakes, California in 2017 by Steve and Tracie Shatkin. The pair have a lifelong love of coffee, a passion for creating exceptional baked goods, and a commitment to helping others. Their first coffee shop quickly became a local favorite through the authentic and unforgettable experiences offered to their customers. Today, Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is on the move, ready to grow, and excited to expand its café franchise into new communities.

      The Growing Coffee Market

      Coffee has long been enjoyed by people and cultures across the globe, and today, the coffee café franchise market generates over $88 billion in revenue worldwide. The United States, alone, generates $11 billion in revenue with an expected annual growth rate of 4.61%. This growth, along with consumers choosing to make their voices heard through their purchases, makes a café franchise an enticing opportunity for the coffee entrepreneur.

      • 65% of Americans drink coffee every day.
      • 32% of coffee drinkers prefer flavored coffee.
      • 52% of coffee drinkers enjoy a specialty coffee each week.
      • Over 90% of coffee drinkers purchase coffee away from their homes at least once per week.

      Why Choose a Mammoth Coffee Roasting Franchise?

      The growing appreciation of high-quality specialty coffees paired with an expectation of stewardship and sustainability has created a demand for brands that deliver distinct flavor profiles, authentic artisanal experiences, and a sense of social responsibility. It is this commitment to offering superb coffee, excellent pastries, and philanthropy that makes a Mammoth Coffee Roasting franchise different from most other café franchises for sale.

      • Strong Brand Recognition: Mammoth Coffee Roasting has a strong brand reputation for quality and innovation. This gives you a head start in the competitive coffee café franchise market.
      • Quality Products and Services: Mammoth Coffee Roasting is committed to using the highest quality coffee beans and ingredients, offering a wide variety of coffee drinks, teas, and delicious pastries to appeal to a wide range of customers.
      • Community Focus: Mammoth Coffee Roasting believes in giving back to the community and is dedicated to helping change the lives of disadvantaged and disabled individuals.
      • Sustainability: Eco-friendly partnerships and sustainable business practices are part of the daily operations of every Mammoth Coffee Roasting franchise.
      • Marketing: Getting the word out into the community is critical to establishing a new café franchise, and Mammoth Coffee Roasting provides personalized marketing strategies, tailored to each café franchise location, to raise their profile and make an impact in their local area.
      • Proven Business Model: Mammoth Coffee Roasting has a proven coffee café franchise business model that has been successful in creating customer loyalty. This means you can be confident that you are investing in a sound café franchise opportunity.

      Comprehensive Training and Support: Mammoth Coffee Roasting provides comprehensive training and support to its café franchise owners. This includes everything from site selection and construction to marketing and operations.

      What You Need to Know About this Coffee Café Franchise Opportunity

      The Mammoth Coffee Roasting café franchise opportunity is available to qualified individuals who are passionate about coffee, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others. Some of the financial considerations for owning a Mammoth Coffee Roasting café franchise are:

      • The franchise fee is $35,000-$40,000.
      • The total initial investment ranges from $326,000 to $715,000.
      • The franchise boasts a tantalizing gross margin of 67.5%!

      Are You Ready To Brew?

      A Mammoth Coffee Roasting franchise opportunity is the perfect choice for coffee lovers to own and build a successful business while making a positive impact in people’s lives. With its strong brand reputation, proven business model, and comprehensive training and support, Mammoth Coffee Roasting is a café franchise that is poised for continued growth. If you are passionate about coffee and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a Mammoth Coffee Roasting coffee café franchise may be the perfect fit for you. To get started on your Mammoth journey, fill out the inquiry form on our website ( or give us a call at (661) 381-6322.