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    Brew Success with Mammoth Coffee Franchise

    Unlock the power of owning your own Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. franchise. We’re not just a coffee franchise or a coffee brand; we’re a community of opportunity. Join us in serving exceptional coffee and making a difference. Your coffee franchise journey begins here.


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      Why Own a Mammoth Coffee Franchise?

      Discover the Mammoth Coffee Roasting Difference

      Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. isn’t your average coffee franchise; it’s an opportunity to join a thriving community committed to making a real difference. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to community, quality, and values.

      Cafés are more than just places for a caffeine fix; they’re welcoming havens where customers become family, and every sip is a taste of quality and purpose. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the business world, this franchise model offers comprehensive training and support to help you through your journey as a Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. franchisee.

      Brew Success with Us

      The coffee industry is not just a morning routine; it’s big business, and Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. offers you an opportunity to be part of this dynamic industry. Here’s why the coffee roasting and coffee shop sectors are on the rise:

      The Coffee Roaster Market is on the path to significant growth, expected to reach $3 billion by 2028, driven by a CAGR of 5.94%.1
      Coffee is the world’s most traded tropical product, with millions of farming households contributing to 80% of global output.2

      The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. franchise opportunity positions franchisees at the heart of this dynamic industry, with our unique values, support, and community focus setting you up for an amazing journey.

      1. Industrial Coffee Roaster Market Size & Share Analysis – Growth Trends & Forecasts (2023 – 2028) (Mordor Intelligence)
      2. Markets and Trade: Coffee (FAO)

      Coffee Franchise Financials: Your Investment

      Joining the Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. family is an achievable dream, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey.

      Your Mammoth adventure begins here.

      Initial Franchise Fee:


      (Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.)

      Estimated Total Investment:

      $326,000 to $715,000

      (Refer to our FDD Item 7 for specifics on startup costs.)

      Join Mammoth Coffee Roasting’s DYNAMIC Franchise COMMUNITY

      As Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. continues to flourish, we are excited to expand the franchise community. Currently, the franchise opportunities are registered in California, and we are actively looking to grow Mammoth Coffee Roasting’s franchise presence.

      California: The flagship territory and where the Mammoth journey began. Locations still available.

      Join us in creating a legacy of Mammoth Magic by exploring new territories and bringing our unique coffee and community-focused values to even more people. Get ready to embark on this amazing expansion journey.

      Comprehensive Support for Your  Coffee Franchise

      At Mammoth Coffee Franchise business, we understand the journey of ownership and are committed to providing you with support.

      With Mammoth Coffee Franchie, we’re here to support you and empower you through this journey.

      Here’s how we stand by you:


      You and key members of your staff will receive comprehensive training and expert advice. You will have all the tools needed to select, build out, and equip your restaurant location, for a strong start.


      Our comprehensive operations manual is your trusted guide, walking you through daily operations and best practices.


      Learning never stops with Mammoth. We offer continuous training and coaching throughout the life of your franchise business, so you are always equipped with the latest knowledge base.


      We provide marketing guidance, including branding and compliance guidelines, samples you can follow, and more.


      Have questions or need guidance? Our team is just a message or call away, to help answer questions.


      Benefit from our established supply resources and technology tools, designed to optimize both the front and back of your business, helping you maintain efficiency and quality.

      Brewed with Heart

      At Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co., franchisees serve a purpose beyond delicious coffee. They are a catalyst for change. A vehicle for giving back. And a force for good in their community.

      Giving Back Locally

      Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. franchisees are deeply committed to their local community and proud to support various charitable organizations and initiatives. Every guest visit helps to contribute to your greater cause.

      Charitable Partnerships

      Franchisee partnerships with non-profit and many charity organizations go beyond financial support. They actively engage in local community events, initiatives, and volunteer work. Using their resources and time to create a positive impact.

      Empowering Others

      The belief that everyone has the power to initiate change offers a platform for individuals, businesses, and franchisees to participate in local community involvement and philanthropy events.

      Philanthropy in Every Cup

      When guests enjoy a cup of Mammoth coffee, they’re not just indulging in a delicious brew; they’re sipping on change.
      A portion of sales goes directly to support initiatives and non-profits in your area.

      Brewing Change. One Cup at a Time.

      Steps to Ownership

      Becoming a Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. Franchisee is a well-defined journey, designed to make the path clear and accessible. Here are the steps franchisees will take:


      Initial Conversation

      Complete an Inquiry Form


      Request for Consideration

      Connect with Our Franchise Team



      If You Qualify, Review the Franchise Disclosure Document


      Meet The Team

      Discovery Day! Meet the Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. Leadership Team in Person



      Sign the Franchise Agreement



      Receive Comprehensive Start-Up Training


      Grand Opening

      Start Serving Delicious, Authentic Coffee and Baked Goods to your Community.