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    Welcome to the heart and soul of Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co., where the story of Mammoth Magic unfolds. The journey of Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is a testament to their commitment to community, quality, and ethical values. As a coffee shop franchise, they are not just brewing coffee, they are crafting meaningful experiences that transcend every cup.

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      What were the beginnings of our Mammoth Coffee Shop Franchise?

      Founded by Steve and Tracie Shatkin, Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is the embodiment of their love for Mammoth Lakes. It’s more than a destination; it’s their home, a place where they decided to put down roots and share the Mammoth experience with locals and visitors alike.

      Community is Everything:

      At the core of their story is a deep-seated commitment to community. The cafés are not just places for coffee. They are welcoming havens where customers can become family. The warm smiles and heartfelt conversations are as important as the coffee itself. Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. believes in fostering an environment that transcends transactional exchanges and thrives on genuine connections.

      What is the Purpose of Philanthropy:

      The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. journey began with a mission to give back. Beyond serving delicious coffee and handcrafted baked goods, Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is an engine of philanthropy. With every cup your guest enjoys, a portion of the proceeds support non-profit and charity organizations in your area. Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is proud to be active members of the local community, participating in events, initiatives, and volunteer work to create a positive impact where we work and live.

      Sustainable Values:

      Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. From committing to fair trade coffee to environmentally-friendly initiatives, Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. believes in a holistic approach that ensures our coffee supports not just your community but also coffee farmers and workers worldwide.

      A Comprehensive Franchise Model:

      Owning a Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. franchise is more than a business endeavor; it’s a journey toward independence and fulfillment. The franchise model includes comprehensive training and ongoing support to assist you in aligning with company values and working towards prosperity.

      Join Us on the Mammoth Journey:

      The Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. story stands as a testament to the potential for growth, shared values, and a love for community to create meaningful experiences. Joining the Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. community means contributing to a positive impact on the local area, and the world. One cup at a time.

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      Your journey with Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. is more than just ownership; it’s about brewing independence, spreading community, and making a difference. We invite you to be part of the Mammoth Coffee Roasting Co. story.